Entry #5

i take commissions <3

2017-04-03 12:42:05 by Akutox3

Icons: 10$

Full Body: 25$

i draw anything :3 

 just give me as many details as you want

Clothing, Pose, Gesture, expression?

Would take around 1-2 Days max. to complete 


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2017-04-03 12:54:38

Hm... How long are you taking commissions?

Akutox3 responds:

I will be taking commissions for a Month :3


2017-04-03 13:10:29

I'll make a request when I get myself some cash. Need me a profile picture type of thing. This is what that is right?

Akutox3 responds:

ok dude sute thing, and yea it is :3 anything you want ^-^


2017-04-03 13:21:41

Alrighty. I'll come to you when I get myself some cash. Thanks.


2017-04-03 19:19:01

thats great to know :D good luck with that

Akutox3 responds:

thank you <3