i take commissions <3

2017-04-03 12:42:05 by Akutox3

Icons: 10$

Full Body: 25$

i draw anything :3 

 just give me as many details as you want

Clothing, Pose, Gesture, expression?

Would take around 1-2 Days max. to complete 

i will allways love you

2015-07-11 15:49:43 by Akutox3

and you know it

hey there handsome

2014-09-26 20:29:35 by Akutox3

i take requests ;3

nice to see you!

2014-06-08 11:46:45 by Akutox3

Did i ever told you how beautiful you are ?


2014-05-31 03:05:00 by Akutox3

 i love you <3